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Compact and customizable, the PreserveTech™ Swivel Bath Chair provides a safe transfer in and out of the tub for those with limited mobility or other disabilities. Featuring a 360° swivel and locking at every 90°, the chair pivots for increased comfort and reduces friction wounds. Compact bath chair designed to aid in preventing friction and shearing injuries featuring 360 degree swivel action and locking at every 90 degrees . Eliminate the need for dangerous tub transfers caused by stepping over and in or out of the tub.

You guys shipped out my order same day. I received it 2 days later. Did not expect it so fast. Thank You! John D.

This Adjustable Swivel Chair is easy to assemble and has adjustable legs. Fits people of all sizes.I highly recommend this bath chair to all who may need this. Comes in a compact size package. Jody

Web site was easy to maneuver. My order was processed and shipped in a very timely manner. I found more than what I was looking for. I love the chair, as a paraplegic it helps make my shower time so much more enjoyable. Thank you. Rhonda

This chair is study, comfortable and easy to use, lam a heavy disabled woman ad this is the easiest chair I have ever used. Taking a shower is a joy now. I highly recommend this chair! Janice

Customer service was so polite and easy. They shipped my order within the same day and I received it next day. Thank you Oren for the help. James